SwimCents Video Podcast Episode 12 Butterfly Macrocycle: Microcycle 8 – Kicking

Episode 12 Butterfly Macrocycle:

Microcycle 8 – Kicking


Peter and Michael explains non propulsive and propulsive kicking for butterfly demonstrated with SwimPro Video footage.   Their goal is to keep kick small and fast, maintaining body streamline as much as possible within the stroke cycle, kicking splashless and rhythmical with no part of the kicking action breaking the water surface while also keeping the kick small and fast in the latter part of races.  The kick effort should never exceed that which is needed to counter-balance the required arm-stroke elements.  

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  1. great info just don’t know where to start. I have been training since I was 5 1/2 and mostly yardage. I am 13 now. Where would you start to change technique? My 200 butterfly is my best race scy 211.03

    My coach is not really interested in my improvement of technique but I’m trying to respect him and his opinion. So I am not sure I would even know if I were changing my technique.

  2. hi my name is Luke i am a competitive swimmer. my coach started usrpt with our group but it hasn’t worked out the best. i was wondering if there was a chance that i could talk to you somehow i know that chance of that happening is really little but if God wants it to happen then it will. I’m 16 years old and its my dream to be a great swimmer someday. i have read rushalls papers and i also had a lot of questions about usrpt i wanted to ask. my email is makesasplash@yahoo.com, if you could contact me that would be great,
    thanks so much

  3. Hi Michael and Peter,

    First, I want to say I appreciate your openness en willing to share how you guys train. It’s fantastic!

    Second, I would like to ask if you could shed more light on how you guys handle a season build up (a conditioning macro cycle), and how Michael progresses through the course of weeks.

    In essence, sets are always the same, say 16×25 for 100 pace. But do you always start at target 16, or do you start at say 8, then try to built to 16 over the next few weeks? And how does Michael progress through these sets?

    With my group I see very fluctuating results. Sometimes swimmers plateau at a certain number of reps and I wonder how to best react to that? Allow more rest, so more reps can be competed and then build down rest (build volume first), or allow slower target times, or keep being strict about target times/rest? I have a swimmer who never completes more than about 6 reps. I feel that is not enough volume to keep progressing. What are your takes on this?

    If possible/wanted I would like to contact you personally and provide more elaborate data.


  4. Thank you so much for creating these fantastic series!
    Can you guys please do Breaststroke Microcycles next?

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