SwimCents Video Podcast Episode 10 Butterfly Macrocycle: Microcycle 6 – End of Stroke Position

Episode 10 Butterfly Macrocycle:  Microcycle 6 – End of Stroke Position.


Peter and Michael reviews the end of stroke position for the butterfly.  How it should feel, elbow position, forearms and hand position and at what point elbows should be raised out of the water to initiate the arm’s exit.  Peter demonstrates movements with SwimPro underwater footage of Michael performing this microcycle.



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  1. How much pressure is kept on the water during the rounding out? Too much pressure and you wind up pushing back to far. Not enough and it feels weird and jerky? What should you think about during the rounding out?

  2. Post

    The bicep and forearm pushes the water back, once the bicep reaches the side of the body the forearm should not carry on (as this creates drag than force), that is when the elbows leads arm exiting water. If you keep pressure and round out by the thigh more drag is created than propulsion .

    The most important thing to think about (until this becomes second nature) is to get the elbows/arm out as soon as the bicep reaches the side of the body and not to push all the way back. I suppose it could feel weird and jerky if you are used to rounding out further back. The swimmer’s rhythm will naturally adjust.

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