SwimCents Video Podcast Episode 8 Butterfly Macrocycle: Microcycle 4 – Initial Action

Episode 8 Butterfly Macrocycle:  Microcycle 4 – Initial Action


In this episode Peter mainly discusses the hand entry position for the butterfly (just wide of the shoulders) and briefly touches on the body position during this phase in order for Michael to set himself up best for the most powerful position of the butterfly (Microcycle 5 – Power-phase).  

Technique is demonstrated by using underwater footage recorded with SwimPro cameras.


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  1. Hey Michael,

    I just saw your results from prelims day 4 at ncsa junior nationals and I was wondering what happened? On swim swam.com someone in the comments said that you were doing a lot more yards and were swimming long course. Is this true? If yes why have you switched? If not are you changing anything about your training going into olympic trials? Also I was wondering, with usrpt do you ever taper for a swim meet?

    Quinn La Fond

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