SwimCents Video Podcast Episode 7 – Butterfly Macrocycle – Microcycle 2 – Breathing

Episode 7

Butterfly Macrocycle – Microcycle 2 – Breathing


In this episode, Peter goes over head, shoulder, hips and chin position throughout butterfly stroke cycle demonstrated by SwimPro underwater footage.




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  1. This question relates to a comparison of this lesson and a future lesson you will do on Breaststroke. If this is out of place I will ask it again when you do Breaststroke.

    So we do not want to split wide in Butterfly as it breaks streamline. Why are you such an advocate for splitting wide in Breaststroke then (I rented the full video)? Aren’t there other techniques for keeping the elbows from dropping in Breaststroke (shrugging shoulders, arching back as examples) that might be more streamlined?


    1. Post

      Shrugging shoulders and arching back will cause legs to drop as the body rise higher with these types of movement. Our main objective is not to let any part of our body drop deeper into the water. A narrow pull causes the elbows to drive into the body or to drop (causing drag). We keep a tight streamline on the recovery (after kick) but when setting up the catch, we split wide in order to be in most powerful position to move body forward and to keep the elbows high.

  2. Hey Michael,

    I just saw your results from day 4 at ncsa junior nationals and I was wondering what happened? On swim swam someone said in the comments that you switched to training a lot of long course and a lot of yards to get a taper for olympic trials. Is this true? Could you elaborate on what a happened?


    Quinn La Fond

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