SwimCents Video Podcast Episode 10 Butterfly Macrocycle: Microcycle 6 – End of Stroke Position

Episode 10 Butterfly Macrocycle:  Microcycle 6 – End of Stroke Position.   Peter and Michael reviews the end of stroke position for the butterfly.  How it should feel, elbow position, forearms and hand position and at what point elbows should be raised out of the water to initiate the arm’s exit.  Peter demonstrates movements with SwimPro underwater footage of Michael performing …

SwimCents Video Podcast Episode 9, Butterfly Macrocycle: Microcycle 5 – Power-Phase Movement

Episode 9, Butterfly Macrocycle: Microcycle 5 – Power-Phase Movement   In this episode Peter and Michael reviews & demonstrates the head position during propulsive phase of butterfly strokes, discuss acceleration and adduction stage of the pull, orientation, role of the upper arms.  Technique elements are demonstrated with SwimPro underwater camera footage of Michael. Check out this episode!