SwimCents Video Podcast Episode 6 – Butterfly Macrocycle – Microcycle 1 – Streamline

Episode 6 – Butterfly Macrocycle: Microcycle 1 – Streamline


In this video Peter explains what he is looking for in teaching Michael how to streamline demonstrated by underwater SwimPro footage.  Peter discusses head, body, hips position, position of head when breathing, rocker-action as well as entry and exit of the arms.  

Each stroke (macrocycle) is broken down in progressive, but building segments called microcycles.  Butterfly has seven microcycles.

Microcycle 1 – Streamline

Microcycle 2 – Breathing

Microcycle 3 – Initial Action

Microcycle 4 – Power Phase

Microcycle 5 – End of Stroke

Microcycle 6 – Recovery

Microcycle 7 – Non Propulsive Kicking


In the following weeks we will go through each microcycle.  If you wish to access all at once, we do have a brand new DVD called How We Do It available for online download or on DVD at www.usrpt.info (or you can just wait for weekly free Vodcast offerings).

We base our methodical stroke technique instruction on Dr. Rushall’s work also available in eBook form called The Technique Macrocycle.  We have not developed this methodology, we simply studied it, use it and are now sharing how we do it.  

Stroke instruction during USRPT sets are vital and repeating 7 or 8 week micro-cycles per macro-cycle is the format we employ to continually as Michael grows, consistently and periodically review, change if needed progressive stroke components. 

Check out this episode!

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  1. hi my name is lukas and i train in canada
    how do i train for a 400IM? my coach said i should do 75s at 200 pace as well in order to train for this (fly, back, breast, free). I also do the 30 50s set doing 10fly-bk 10k-br 10br-fr at 100 pace but this proved to be very difficult so i had to add a second or 2 in order to make the set do-able. Also for the 50s sets at 200 pace or the IM set, i go on 15 seconds rest instead of 20. i had a smaller build currently so i do not build up lactic acid nearly as quickly as my peers do and i can recover really quickly with just a quick rest. Is this ok or should i be taking 20 seconds rest for the 50 repeats?
    thanks so much if you can answer these questions it would be a huge help

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