SwimCents Video Podcast Episode 5 – Answers to Questions asked after Episode 2 & 3

Episode 5 

Answers to great questions asked after Episode 2 discussing talking to current coach about USRPT, questions on drills, toys, slowing pace if continually failing, amount of reps, no weight training/dryland in USRPT, percentage spent on race pace sets etc.

Answers to Episode 3’s questions deals with toys (pull buoys, paddles, & fins), what to do when you can’t do a single 25 at race pace, what is recommended during 15 minutes recovery time,  adaptation back into a traditional program, warm ups and boredom with USRPT sets.

Please keep questions/feedback coming.  We posted an audio file this week due to the file size of 30 minute video.  Tune in next week for our first technique demonstration via SwimPro (underwater footage) when we will present Butterfly’s first microcycle! 

Check out this episode!

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  1. i would really love to meet and talk to you guys sometime. any chance i could e-mail you or something? i have a lot of questions about usurped and how it works (getting clarification on things, etc) I am a swimmer from canada currently in high school and looking for a good university/college to attend either in canada or the us that trains preferably usrpt but i haven’t heard of any. do you know any good swimming schools that train usrpt?

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