SwimCents Video Podcast Episode 4 – What is a Technique Macrocycle?

Episode 4

What is a Technique Macrocycle?


Peter and Michael discuss how they approach implementing this incredible multi-stage, technique macrocycle that builds weekly & repeats every 8 weeks for each stroke based on Dr. Rushall’s work available at (click this hyperlink) A Technique Macrocycle.  We consider Doc’s eBook as “technique bible”.

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      Yes. If you mean “set” we do multiple sets per practice and focus for an entire week per microcycle. So eight microcycles makes a macrocycle and within those cycles, you can tailor your sets/reps to train specifically for races you are preparing for while focusing on the technique aspect for that week.

  1. I love what you’re doing and firmly believe that USRPT is the way to go but … “water is less dense right at the surface”? No, no, no. Water is essentially an incompressible fluid. It does compress but relatively little. For example, the difference in density between the surface and the bottom of a 3m deep pool is about 0.0014%. So the extra drag of having bits of your body deeper has nothing to do with density change, it’s all about greater frontal area etc. Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing and over turn the dogma that still persists throughout swimming but make sure you get your science correct so that doubters don’t have unnecessary ammunition 😉

  2. Hi Guys,

    My name is Johann. My daughter, Ianthe, has been swimming since 6, competitive since 8. We stay 80km from the training pool which makes it really hard. I got Ianthe’s coach to agree to some USRPT, due to the fact that we can not attend each training session. Ianthe has been battling to get her times down the last 2 years at 14 she qualified for Nationals now at 17 she remains on the same times. She is a Fly and Free swimmer. Her goal has always been to swim at the Olympics regardless of her circumstances. Her pool time consists out of 4 x USRPT (morning sets due to distance to the pool) and 4 x sets with her coach. We have put together some sets based on the info from your site
    Ianthe wants to swim in the US but she need to get her times down to stand any change of getting a scholarship. She did home schooling and finished her GED last year all that remains is her SAT’s which she will do this year. Although she realizes that she will have to study her main passion remains swimming.
    Any advice on her USRPT sets will be appreciated. I want to finish of by mentioning something about her commitment Ianthe finds the time to coach a school team and she uses the money to help with fuel to get her to the afternoon sessions with the coach.

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