SwimCents Video Podcast Episode 5 – Answers to Questions asked after Episode 2 & 3

Episode 5  Answers to great questions asked after Episode 2 discussing talking to current coach about USRPT, questions on drills, toys, slowing pace if continually failing, amount of reps, no weight training/dryland in USRPT, percentage spent on race pace sets etc. Answers to Episode 3’s questions deals with toys (pull buoys, paddles, & fins), what to do when you can’t do …

SwimCents Video Podcast Episode 4 – What is a Technique Macrocycle?

Episode 4 What is a Technique Macrocycle?   Peter and Michael discuss how they approach implementing this incredible multi-stage, technique macrocycle that builds weekly & repeats every 8 weeks for each stroke based on Dr. Rushall’s work available at (click this hyperlink) A Technique Macrocycle.  We consider Doc’s eBook as “technique bible”. Check out this episode!

SwimCents Episode 3 – Putting Together a USRPT Set

Episode 3  Peter and Michael shares how they approach designing a USRPT set discussing preparing for 100’s 200’s, 200 IM’s and long distance races.  Purpose of this VodCast is to provide you with tools to design your own USRPT training program.  They also answer first question submitted by Mark.   Check out this episode!